BlackBerry will die on January 4th — for real this time

Image Credit:The Verge

Dear friends, today we are gathered here  to mourn the death of that once beloved monarch of the mobile world: BlackBerry, and yes, I understand that this is not the first time we have heralded the death of the company or its devices (and, for reasons I’ll explain below, this probably won’t be the last), but this is a very definitive end to older BlackBerry hardware.As of January 4th, any phone or tablet running BlackBerry’s own software will be ie BlackBerry 7.1 or earlier. , BlackBerry 10 or its tablet operating system BlackBerry PlayBook – “no longer works reliably,” says the company.
Whether via WiFi or cellular, there is no guarantee that you can make  calls, send SMS, use data, establish an SMS connection or even call the emergency number 911 if you or someone you love is still using an original BlackBerry , we advise you  to carefully but firmly break your hands open for the New Year. As of Jan 4th, it will be little more than a paperweight (although Android BlackBerry devices  will continue to function normally.

However, as mentioned earlier, this may not be the last BlackBerry death we announced. Stocks in the US, but such a famous brand must be squeezed for its last scrap (parent company BlackBerry Limited was in the business of  selling cybersecurity software.
BlackBerry tried to reboot  with a new operating system in 2013. BlackBerry 10 (that failed) and Android devices were made in 2015  (which also failed).
Then in 2016 it began licensing its brand to third party manufacturers like TCL. This is still  the  name of BlackBerry and in 2020, a Texas company called OnwardMobility announced a 5G -BlackBerry device with Android and a full QWERTY keyboard slated to hit the market in 2021.
Well, time is running out (OnwardMobility hasn’t released any news or updates on its website since then. J January 2021)

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