Google Photos removes ability to disable video backups over mobile data

Image Credit: Google

Google Photos has long offered an option to upload photos and videos via mobile data. However, to ensure that you do not spend your monthly data volume, there is the option of only backing up videos via WiFi. In India and some other countries where  WiFi is available, connections are not as frequent, this feature is absent and users have the option to set a daily limit for mobile data usage. Now it seems that Google mistakenly implemented the same settings for Android users all over the world.
As spotted by 9to5Google, if you head over to Google Photos > Photos settings > Backup & sync, you’ll find the option to set a daily backup limit when on mobile data. The available allowances include No data, 5MB, 10MB, 30MB, and Unlimited. There’s also another separate toggle for backing up your photos and videos while on roaming. However, the ability to specifically disable video backups while on mobile data has been removed.
The implementation could be a Google mistake, as the Photos support page still references the previous settings. The iOS version of Google Photos also continues to display the option to enable / disable video backups on mobile data. 
Additionally, the daily data limits are very low by US and EU standards and users cannot manually increase them, further indicating that this is a loophole on Google’s part. Limits on daily mobile data usage are useful in countries like Brazil, Thailand, India, and Nigeria, where users have  relatively little data  and do not have access to a network. WiFi  on a regular basis. 
This is not a cause for concern in developed countries, and some users prefer  their photos to be saved to mobile data immediately. Since videos are considerably larger, it usually makes more sense to only save them  when over WiFi. 
Hopefully Google will bring this option back soon.

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