GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas fans are using Steam reviews to encourage people to buy the originals before Rockstar delists them next week

 Rockstar this week revealed the game’s worst secret: remakes of Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, and San Andreas.
In addition, Rockstar has confirmed its plan to remove the original version from all digital retailers on PCs and consoles starting next week and to replace it in several storefronts with Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition.
The decision to remove these classics is a blow to video game preservation and obviously bad for player selection, but Rockstar is unlikely to be giving up – at least not anytime soon.
And so fans flocked to Steam to show people buying the original before they lost their chance – probably forever.
“Before you leave Steam, make sure your ass has a triple,” wrote Pink Diamond in a GTA 3 Steam review. “Buy this to be removed next week,” GrunkleBran said in a review on Vice City Steam.
“Buy it before you remove it,” User Park said in a review on San Andreas Steam.
Game owner fans use Steam rating to say goodbye. One of them was particularly interesting to me, from a Steam user with an incredible 2780 hours recorded with San Andreas:

“I have to say all the time I’ve been playing this game in terms of speed and mode etc it’s the best game I’ve ever played in a GTA game. Great, good world and a lot of work too.” do and find. ”

Steam Dime user wrote in the GTA 3 review: “Hello old friend.” Rockstar is removing you from Steam so the Definitive Edition can make money for you. Thanks for your memories … ”

GTA 3 is 20 years old, Vice City is 19, and San Andreas is 17 years old. The games currently available for download on Steam, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Marketplace are not the original versions. For example, the San Andreas version for sale in the Xbox Download Store is the Xbox 360 version, which is backwards compatible with the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and S. The Vice City version that can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store is the PlayStation 2 version that has been converted for the PlayStation 4. You need a PS2 and a physical version of each game to get the real core experience, and Rockstar won’t do anything next week. Avoid getting people on eBay. In the Rockstars announcement, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will be available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X and S series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Rockstar Games Launcher. Steam has not specifically mentioned it and is proposing to remove the original version from the Valves platform and not replace it with anything else.

Rockstar warns that earlier versions and packages of these games will be removed from digital retailers starting October 11th. We don’t know the exact date it was created, but if you’re interested, today is your last day to shop digitally.
Anyone who has bought one of the previous versions can of course download them after deleting them and run them on their shopping platform.

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