The original trio from the Wizarding franchise, Harry Potter, are expected to return to the silver screen next New Years Day in the 20th anniversary special when they return to Hogwarts.
 In the reunion special, two of the movie’s lead actors, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, spoke about how they were on the verge of leaving the series after season five, responsible for his childhood fame during his adolescence.
 Best known for their characters  Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, Watson and Rupert Grint made the reveal during the  special Harry Potter reunion show for the 20th anniversary.

“You were considering retiring. I never told you about it, ”Rupert joked with Emma about the days before.
 At that time, she revealed how solemnly she  wanted to leave the character: “Yes. I think she was scared.” I don’t know if you ever felt like it reached a tipping point where you said, ‘This is now forever,’ “revealed Watson.” Fame had finally come home in a big way. 

“At some point there was Grint agrees that he also had his moments of contemplation  where he would insist “what life would be  if I called it a day.” Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, added to the conversation, saying, “Never really.
” He talked about it. I think we had it at our own pace. We were then in the moment. “However, the female lead in Harry Potter believed that” no one had to convince her to stay, “except for the love and appreciation of the fans.

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