Minecraft Player Creates Homemade Ore Lamp In Real Life

A crafty Minecraft fan recently created a homemade lamp in the shape of an ore block in real life. The popular sandbox game often inspires incredible works both in-game and in the real world, thanks to its easy-to-use creative mode, and consistent updates from Mojang that bring new content for its players.
Despite the game receiving a texture update in 2019, the look of ores in the game has largely remained unchanged until recently, when Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs: Part 1 update provided a texture overhaul for its ore blocks. This refreshed look was aimed at providing better accessibility for color-blind players, who previously had difficulties differentiating the ore types due to their similarities in shape. Along with these changes, new blocks, mobs, and features were introduced, with more content currently in development in the form of Caves & Cliffs: Part 2.

Reddit user TheRoyalEngineer shared some pictures of their recent project, where they crafted a real life Minecraft ore block lamp. The blocky lamp was made using pieces of cardboard, glued together after cutting out the ore’s shapes. The Redditor picked an RGB LED as the lamp’s light source, giving it the ability to change colors and become different ore types. Another picture of the ore lamp in action shows that it provides great ambience with its low light, which was TheRoyalEngineer’s original intention when embarking on the project. Many commenters chimed in, suggesting other Minecraft blocks that would look great as lamps, including a Jack o’Lantern block for Halloween.
Due to their simple design, blocks in Minecraft are often an excellent choice for players looking to bring some of the game into real life. In another instance of the game’s blocks coming to life, one crafty fan tried their hand at recreating Minecraft’s grass and glass blocks in real life, utilizing epoxy resin and actual soil for added realism. However, the artist decided to make a slight adjustment when creating their realistic blocks, changing it to a more manageable size that fit in the palm of their hand, rather than the block’s actual in-game size of three feet wide, or 35 cubic feet.
While Minecraft often provides an excellent canvas for players’ in-game creations, it is equally exciting to see fans’ real life DIY projects inspired by the game. Although some of Minecraft’s ores are considered more valuable than others, TheRoyalEngineer’s creation finds a way to make all of the ores useful by turning them into a light source.

Source: TheRoyalEngineer/Reddit

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