My Hero Academia: America’s Top Hero Collides With A Freed Shigaraki

Warning! Spoilers ahead for My Hero Academia chapter 329!

The top American hero in My Hero Academia, Star and Stripe, just confronted the long-awaited Tomura Shigaraki who apparently is no longer possessed by his master All For One. This is the first time that readers have seen Shigaraki since All For One took control of his body and went into hiding so his student could finish his awakening that Japan’s heroes interrupted during the Paranormal Liberation War.
Before the epic confrontation, All For One reveals in chapter 329 of My Hero Academia that it would be troublesome if he had to change his plans to accommodate Star and Stripe, who’s All Might’s former student and the world’s strongest female hero. It’s obvious by All For One’s confession that he views Star and Stripe as a very formidable opponent. But even though her arrival would complicate his goal of obtaining One For All, the villain foresees one silver lining to her involvement; it will be that much easier for him to obtain her quirk, which is currently unknown to readers. Although he doesn’t confirm it, All For One could very well covet her powers more than One For All.
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As for Shigaraki, it’s puzzling that All For One is clearly not in possession of his body. Leading up to Shigaraki’s meeting with Star and Stripe, there’s a scene where All For One reveals his plans to League of Villains member Spinner. Readers may have assumed for a moment that it was a flashback before the Paranormal Liberation War and that All For One was able to divulge his plans to Spinner because he knew what was going to happen. It’s not that far off to assume. All For One has proven himself quite capable of foreseeing the actions of others like when he implanted the self-destruct quirk in the assassin Lady Nagant before she began hunting for Deku, believing that she would most likely turn on him. And he was right. She did end up experiencing a change of heart. Yet, it’s clear in chapter 329 that All For One and Spinner are in hiding, and since the villain possessed Shigaraki’s body before fleeing, the two must have separated at some point during their self-exile.
That said, All Might reveals in the previous chapter that All For One’s quirk, like One For All, serves as a conduit between the current wielder and past users, but it was only a one-way channel, where All For One could communicate with Shigaraki, but not the other way around. It’s possible that All For One assumed control of his student’s body momentarily to construct a two-way channel that would stay in effect once they separated. It’s also likely that this added communicative mechanism somehow grants the villain more control over Shigaraki, possibly transforming his student into a marionette that he can manipulate from afar without having to be actually inside of him. Shigaraki’s comment to Star and Stripe about who he actually partially confirms this theory.
Regardless, the upcoming battle in My Hero Academia between Star and Stripe and Tomura Shigaraki will undoubtedly be explosive, especially since the villain’s student has now fully awakened and can unleash the true potential of his Decay quirk and, most likely, wield All For One as well. If for whatever reason Tomura Shigaraki easily overcomes Star and Stripe, she will most likely have backup, for Endeavor was already en route to meet her with Hawks and Best Jeanist following closely behind him.
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