We service all of our clients with a fair reasonable cue time. BizWiz tech inc. will be increasing efficiency by creating a ticket support system where clients are able to communicate faster with our technicians directly. Please keep each topic/subject related to one ticket. Please do not create multiple tickets as this will place a temporary ban on your account for spamming the board.

How do I file a ticket?

Hoover to the top where the navigation bar is and click onto “New Ticket”. Fill out the form according to the topic/problem.

What should the ticket contain?

Please include as much details as possible such as username and passwords. Please let us know if you had made any changes which caused a problem so we could go back.  PLEASE KEEP ALL TOPICS AND SUBJECTS; ONE PER A TICKET. 

Can I still contact the head office?

You are most welcome to contact us with any method but in order for us to do the work we need your written confirmation.

I have file attachments larger to send where do I send?

Please direct all attachments to [email protected] Please include your ticket number in the subject line with your full name.

How do I view all my tickets?

Hoover to the top where the navigation bar is and click onto “My Tickets”. You should be able to display all tickets you had submitted.