Tumblr is at war with Apple over ‘mature’ content on its app again

 Tumblr users looking to view adult content on the platform must avoid the iOS app as the company says it hides “sensitive content” so as not to violate Apple’s sensitivities.
 “In order to remain available in the Apple App Store,” says Tumblr, “we need to expand the definition of  sensitive content and access to it in order to meet its guidelines.” Apple are available. 
atOptions = { ‘key’ : ‘2da69df5e5a1c7f1621066a1f7e69b57’, ‘format’ : ‘iframe’, ‘height’ : 90, ‘width’ : 728, ‘params’ : {} }; document.write(” + ‘ipt>’); The company says it will display the above overlay on blogs “marked as explicit” and when “you see search results or tags for specific words or phrases”. 
However, users will have to guess what has leaked as Tumblr will not “currently” reveal this information.

It probably won’t be  hard to guess what leaked, but the new definition of “sensitive content” goes beyond what some would expect. 
Tumblr says  users “may also notice” that:

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 Images they receive through blog direct messages that they don’t follow can’t be viewed in the app. 
Explicitly marked blog likes and reblogs  are hidden from notes. 
The images of the  reblogs that appear in the post notes are blurry unless you follow the Tumblr that added the image.
 Your dashboard (the “Next” and the “Materials For You” tab), search results, and tag results will no longer display content that contains certain words or phrases. 
Certain words and phrases have been removed from  search (sometimes called search suggestions). 
We have excluded blogs from search results and tags that may contain or create sensitive content.

 These changes were implemented with the release of Tumblr version 22.1 in the App Store.
The company says  it won’t display this overlay to users of its Android app or mobile website. it merely extends its restrictions on sensitive content to comply with Apple guidelines.

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