Urgent Apple warning issued to 1.65BILLION iPad and iPhone users as privacy concerns mount – see if you are at risk

An urgent warning is  issued for iPad and iPhone users due to looming privacy and security concerns. 
Apple developer Kosta Eleftheriou announced that the App Store is home to a number of illegal movie streaming services. 
Movie trailers and photo filters to fool users. The app encourages users to enter codes or share the app to unlock more functions. There are also premium subscription tiers in apps that run through Apple Pay, of which Apple gets a 15-30 percent cut. 
Eleftheriou said the apps have been available on the App Store for months, although negative reviews indicate they are illegal.
Ads for the apps were promoted using social media influencers with “millions” of followers to promote them, Eleftheriou says. 
“Although Apple doesn’t control its app store, these apps have had over 2 million downloads and are now generating ~ 16,000 / day, or about $ 6 million a year,” said Eleftheriou. 
Legal documents in the ongoing “Eric Vs Apple” process, Eric Friedman, director of the company’s Risk and Fraud Engineering Algorithms  [FEAR] department, called the App Store security,  knife to the point, “Friedman said the App Store review process is” more like the pretty lady who greets you at the Hawaiian airport than the drug dog.
Eleftheriou has also sued Apple in court, claiming the company copied its Apple Watch app, FlickType. However, the discoveries on the App Store have made iPhone and iPad users more vigilant about their devices.

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