Windows 11 is almost here but see it now if you’re Windows Insider

Windows 11 is due to launch a week from now, on October 5 and since it’s in the final phase, the company Microsoft has rolled out a near-final version of the operating system people registered in the Windows Insider program.
Since it’s the first time a Windows 11 version has been out as a Release Preview Insider program, it is a big thing.
Insiders in the Dev and Beta channels have used test versions of the operating system but it’s the first time a Release Preview builds available. Before now there were builds of Windows 10 only that Microsoft promised shall continue to be supported through October of 2025.
Now that a build of Windows 11 has hit the Release Preview channel, it’s most likely that it is the nearest impression of the final version Microsoft will release next week.
Of the features promised to arrive in the new operating system, the retouched Start menu and better Photos app, are included in this early release but everything is not here yet.
Also, the software giant has delayed the launch of Windows 11’s Android app integration until 2022.
It’s a safe bet that the version of Windows 11 the Insiders are currently testing is a close sneak peek into the version we’ll see Microsoft release next week.
Wanna see for yourself?  Enrol a PC that’s compatible with the new Microsoft’s operating system in the Release Preview channel of the Windows Insider Program.
Make sure your PC meets the requirements set by Windows 11 system, and to make it happen, run Microsoft’s PC Health Check app from the new operating system page.
Download then the Windows 11 Insider preview.
Also, make sure you’ve signed up as a Windows Insider via either the Windows Insider Program website or from within Windows 10 itself.
To sign up in Windows 10, hit the Start button and type Windows Insider Program and select Windows Insider Program settings from the Start menu.
Once you’re enrolled in the Windows Insider Program, simply open Windows Update and download the optional upgrade to Windows 11 ahead of its formal engress next week.

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